Monday, November 3, 2014

My Blog Has Moved!

My blog has now been moved to my website! Please change any links you have on Pinterest to the blog posts that are now on my site.

My website is


  1. Oh my - won't that be difficult to go through & find the new post on what we've saved on Pinterest?

    1. Jenny, you can do a search within just the blog, or one on the search box for the entire website, to find the post you had pinned. Then you go to your pin on Pinterest, click edit, and put in the new URL. All of the old ones are now dead links, unfortunately.

      Meanwhile, take heart--I had to reload every single website photo and link it on every single page, and I'll have to reload every single blog photo (it shrunk my photos when we brought them in ) and fix every single link within the blog to other blog posts and to website posts. Plus after we moved it, I had to relink in all of the slideshow photos again. Yours is a quick fix that should just take a minute!


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